In the modern world with wedding photos popping up on Instagram as soon as the vows are done, it’s hard to say which of the traditional wedding rules still apply. You want your day to be perfect and for everyone to have a good time while still expressing your own personal style and sense of fun. However, some rules are really more about showing respect and treating others how you want to be treated. Others help you to have a good time on your special day. Here are three traditional wedding rules to follow at your venue in Orlando.

Adhere to Your Budget

From flowers and decorations to party favors and cocktail hours, it’s easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars without even trying. Before you pay the first deposit or order a wedding dress, create a budget and then stick to it. One place to be very careful is small purchases. All of sudden, a couple hundred dollars doesn’t seem like a big deal, but they add up quickly.

Send Thank You Notes

Attending a wedding is expensive. From travel to the venue to buying a new dress, it all adds up quickly. When someone takes the time to buy you and your new groom a wedding gift, then you need to acknowledge that and send a thank you note. After the honeymoon split up thank note duty and write a few each night until it’s done.

Plus One

When inviting guests and their special someone, make sure that they know their plus one is welcome. If you know that person’s name, then invite them together on the same invitation. You can also give singles room to invite some with the words “and special guest.” However, make it clear that they’re welcome to bring someone.

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