When you’re getting married in a place as sunny and popular as Orlando, you and your guests might decide to stick around and take some vacation time afterwards. Maybe you can’t wait to get off by yourselves or maybe you want to spend more time with some of the gang. Either way, here are a few tips for your post-wedding plans.

Honeymoon in Orlando: How do you tactfully disengage yourself from your wedding guests when you’re both staying at the same destination? Most people will assume that you want to be alone, but there are those who might need more hints. It could help to change hotels so you’re less accessible than if you were right down the hall. You may also want to plan one post-wedding meal or outing, and then claim the rest of the time for your own. After all, there’s no shortage of fun places to go in Orlando from spending a day at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios to visiting lesser known attractions such as the Tiffany Chapel and Lakeridge Winery.

Buddymoon in Orlando: On the other hand, some modern couples are deliberately turning their honeymoon into a bigger gathering. Make sure you pick friends who you like traveling and sharing accommodations with. Speaking of accommodations, renting a house may be the best bargain. That way everyone can have their own bedroom and bathroom, and you can still get together to watch movies and cook meals. Whatever you decide, keep plenty of time free in your schedule so you can enjoy your first days as a married couple.

Whether you’re a honeymoon or buddymoon kind of couple, you’ll love the glamorous ballrooms and spectacular amenities available at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your wedding or any special event a raving success.