The idea of a ballroom with a crystal chandelier, ceiling draping and hardwood floors might seem old-fashioned. After all, couples aren’t going to be waltzing around the floor and wearing floor-length gowns and tuxedos (although some might choose to do so).

Many of them are going to wear short dresses, high heels and regular suits instead of tuxes. After all, this is the 21st century. And most likely, no one’s going to be waltzing around. Instead, they’ll be grooving to the DJ’s beat.

Crystal Chandeliers Create the Right Lighting

Why get an old-fashioned ballroom? Well, first of all, keep in mind that an old-fashioned crystal ballroom is actually quite practical for dancing, even in this day and age. A crystal chandelier casts just the right amount of light on the people dancing below. Also, the crystal adds a bit of shimmer and sparkle. This is an ideal environment for dancing.

You may not want to have very harsh fluorescent and strobe lighting for your wedding the way they do in clubs. You want something a little more mellow but still conducive to dancing. A crystal chandelier will give you that.

Hardwood Floors Absorb All the Impact

Consider the fact that hardwood floors are actually really good for dancing. This is the reason why all ballet studios have hardwood flooring. It prevents the ballerinas from hurting their feet and even their knees and hip joints. The wood absorbs all the impact because it’s flexible.

So all your guests will thank you for getting a venue with hardwood floors, especially given the type of footwear that women wear nowadays.

So if you were wondering, yes, a crystal ballroom is actually a very practical place to have your wedding. Contact us for more reasons why you should get a crystal ballroom in Tampa Bay for your event.