Nothing is more important in a young adults life than earning the privilege to drive at 16. Throwing an awesome sweet 16 birthday party is the best way to commemorate this moment and make it one to remember. Location is crucial to throwing a great party. That location needs to accommodate all your guests and your themes and keep them entertained and happy throughout the event. Here are three tips to make your young adult’s party unforgettable.

Room Size

Picking the wrong size room can be detrimental to a party. Have too small of a room and everyone will feel cramped and uncomfortable but pick too large of a room and it’ll feel empty and lifeless. Make sure to think about how many people will be invited and how many will be able to actually attend and try to pick a room that is going to fulfill those needs.


Every great party has a theme. Picking a theme that is relevant and fun is the best way to get your guests engaged right from the start. Seasons are always great for themes as you can have a summer beach party or maybe a winter wonderland theme. Think about your young adult’s interests and hobbies. Maybe they love sports or video games and you can build a theme around those things. This will be sure to get not only them excited but their friends who probably have similar interests!


This is probably the most important.  An excellent playlist is what keeps the party alive and feeds the energy of the whole event and every party is different. There will always be the classics but making sure you have relevant, new music is crucial as your young adult and their friends will be paying attention. Check out what they listen to on their streaming services or maybe ask some of their friends to help you pick some songs. You also can’t go wrong finding a great DJ as they will definitely have a good mix of classics and new songs and keep the party alive.

Overall, turning 16 is a big turning point for many young people and it is exciting to celebrate with a great party! Hopefully these tips can you help you throw a great party and it will be an unforgettable event. To get help planning a great event and finding an excellent room, contact the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, Florida to get the party going!