If your daughter is about to turn sixteen, you may be thinking about having her birthday party in your rec room or somewhere else around your house. That could be a decision that you’ll come to regret. Don’t get us wrong. We like simplifying things and saving money, but there are better places to have a sweet sixteen birthday party than your own home. Consider these points before you take the plunge.

Cut Down on your Workload: If you’re raising a teenager, you’re probably not looking around for extra tasks to fill up your time. When you have a party at home, you have to take care of the decorations and the clean up yourself. When you have a party at the Crystal Ballroom, we do the work so you can focus on parenting and having fun.

Handle the Traffic: If you’re trying to figure out how many guests your house can accommodate, you may need to recalculate once you take into account all the relevant factors. In addition to providing room to sit, eat and dance, you’re going to have to have enough bathrooms and parking spaces for the crowd.

Mark the Coming of Age: Most of all, remember the meaning of a sweet 16 birthday party. Your child is coming of age and moving toward independence and adulthood. Maybe an elegant ballroom suits this occasion better than an area in your home where she was watching Sesame Street and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches not too long ago. A little extra touch of formality may help you show your daughter that you recognize that she’s growing up, and you’re proud of her for taking on more responsibility.

If you’re planning a sweet 16 birthday party, wedding or any special personal or corporate event, contact us. The Crystal Ballroom in Orlando offers multiple gorgeous ballrooms, fabulous amenities, and convenient and affordable all-inclusive packages. See for yourself why we’re called the “hidden jewel” of Orlando.