Many people will say that sweet 16 birthday party places haven’t changed that much over the years. This is true to a certain extent. A lot of people want to have gorgeous parties with a lot of dancing for their sweet 16 parties. It makes sense to do this. The Crystal Ballroom is certainly the perfect location for a sweet 16 birthday party.

One of the great things about a sweet 16 birthday party at the Crystal Ballroom is that people will be able to take so many pictures. Modern teenagers will usually have their smartphones on them most of the time. Many of them will tend to take pictures of even the most basic events. A sweet 16 party at the Crystal Ballroom will really inspire a lot of the guests when it comes to smartphone photography.

Between the stunning Crystal Ballroom hardwood floors and the professional lighting, it should be easy to create fantastic pictures even with the most basic smartphone cameras. Parents at these sorts of events will bring cameras, and so will all of the guests. In this way, the event will really seem like it belongs to everyone.

Both parties are going to end up documenting the event so thoroughly that they are going to be able to see the party from every vantage point. The stately banquet tables, crisp table linens, and lovely table settings will only add more texture and variety to the extensive collections of pictures that people are going to have forever.

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