When your daughter is turning 16, it may be a significant event for the rest of your children too. You need to keep her brothers and sisters happy while you’re looking for Sweet 16 birthday party places and making all the other arrangements. Here are a few suggestions to promote family harmony.

Assign responsibilities: When it comes to party planning, there’s always something any family member can do regardless of their age and interests. In fact, your children will be even more excited and engaged if you give them a personal assignment to help make the Sweet 16 celebration a success. Older children might enjoy researching suitable quotes to include in speeches or assisting elderly relatives with their travel arrangements. Younger kids can draw a picture or write a poem for their sister.

Provide one-on-one attention: At the same time, you may need to make an extra effort to be sure that no one feels neglected while you’re taking on extra responsibilities related to this special occasion. Consider putting some time aside for regular one-on-one interactions with each of your kids. You could plan special outings or just invite them with you to grab a quick lunch while you’re grocery shopping.

Include children’s activities: While parties are a great way to introduce small children to the grown up world of entertaining and hospitality, you also have to keep their shorter attention spans in mind. A children’s table or coloring book station can help keep them amused if the rest of the event is becoming a little too overwhelming.

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