As any parent knows, impressing and surprising your children becomes more difficult with each passing birthday. If you’re going to succeed at astounding and astonishing your daughter upon one of the biggest milestone birthdays of all, you need sweet 16 ballrooms that are up to the task. At the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, we can help you give your daughter a celebration that will live up to her dreams, and everything you want her to have.

When your children are small, it’s no trouble to find gifts and plan parties that will make them light up. As much as you may enjoy seeing them grow and become more mature, there can also be a little nostalgia for the time when things were simpler.

Now that your daughter is approaching 16, you have to pay attention to trends on social media and keep up with what her friends are doing. Otherwise, you may make a major faux pas and disappoint her just when you were trying to do something fabulous for her.

Speaking of fabulous, our Crystal Ballroom venues are guaranteed to make you look good when it comes time to throwing her a Sweet 16 party she’ll love. From beautiful decorations to a big dance floor, a state of the art sound system to skilled lighting, we offer everything you need for her big event.

So, maybe those days when your kids were small, and thought you were amazing just for picking up a toy at the supermarket or serving cake after dinner are over. You can still be amazing when you have the Crystal Ballroom on your side.

Come see why the Crystal Ballroom is a premier venue in the Orlando area for sweet 16 parties, quinceaneras, weddings, and other major events. We care about making your family’s special occasions as memorable and beautiful as they can be. We also offer inexpensive packages and personal service that will reduce your stress levels. Contact us today to find out more.