Planning what to do with a large group of teenagers for a few hours at your kid’s Sweet 16 party can be a challenge. Of course, there’ll be dancing and munching, but what about the rest of the time or for the kids that don’t enjoy dancing. You want everyone who attends to have a good time and remember it for years to come. You’re beginning to miss the days when a birthday party included pin the tail on the donkey. Here are some fun activities to consider for your Sweet 16 party at the Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor.
Jumbo Games

You can DIY some jumbo board games, such as Scrabble and Jingo. The kids will crowd around and wait in line for their chance to try and balance large bricks of wood and place them on top. You can create a couple of games and set them up around the venue so the kids aren’t all in one space.

Birthday Girl Quiz

Create a birthday girl quiz with questions about the birthday girl. You want some of the answers to be easy while others are for people who only know her well. Hand them out as the guests arrive and provide a place for them to submit. Come up with a prize for the person with most correct answers.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Design a list of items that need to be photographed and hand out throw-away cameras as guests arrive. Things to add to the list include someone in a red dress, birthday girl smiling, a cute boy, and any other silly thing that you can think of to add.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we have the space you need to have a successful Sweet 16 party. Call us today to take a tour.