The color scheme of your event says a lot these days. Your event could either be elegant, classic, or bold. Many people go with their favorite colors; however, some also want to make a statement. Below are some ideas of great color schemes that we have put together here at The Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, Florida.

Red: Red is the color of fire and blood, so it the color often refers to passion and desire. It also can be related to energy, war, strength and power. Red offers a bold statement at any event and surely will stand out.


Yellow: It is the color of sunshine, which is most often associated with happiness and warmth. Yellow is also an “attention-getter” which is why taxicabs are painted this color. For a cheerful statement at your event, yellow is the way to go.


Green: This color is most “restful” on the human eye. It is the color of freshness, growth, and nature. An event dressed in green can reflect a fresh beginning. No host can go wrong choosing this soothing color.


Blue: Skies and water, this color is associated with loyalty, trust, heaven, stability and tranquility. It is considered to have a calming effect, which is not a bad thing at any event. Any combination using blue is sure to wow the guests.


Purple: A mixture of red and blue, this color combines both meanings and brings some of its own. With the passion of red and stability of blue, purple symbolizes nobility, wealth, power, and ambition. It can ignite romantic feelings and well as spark passion. Who wouldn’t want that at their wedding?

purple fuschia

White: A heavenly color often meaning goodness and innocence, brides most often wear white as a sign of purity. It is also the color of perfection and cleanliness. Any event will look classy with white.


Black: It is the darkest color. Black is used to resemble power, elegance, death, and mystery. While we don’t want any death at events, power and elegance are a good mixture to have for any get together. It offers an aggressive color scheme that your guests are sure to remember.


white and black

At The Crystal Ballroom, we know you often have ideas of your own. However, we are always looking for ways to accommodate and offer assistance to any event host/hostess. We invite you to take a look at our Gallery of previous events and let us show you around either of our two locations. The Crystal Ballroom offers an event venue for every type of event. With an exquisite selection of decorations and staff to tend to every need, our clients are raving with wonderful reviews. To tour the venue, call today and request information.

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