In times gone by, venues for quinceaneras weren’t so much a choice as a foregone conclusion. They were traditionally held in and around the home; family affairs with relatives, neighbors, even entire villages pitching in to plan, create and celebrate an event known for its color, music and some of the best Latino home cooking on the planet.

That kind of quinceanera is happening less and less. It’s not that the tradition is disappearing; if anything it’s growing stronger. But modern, extended families tend to be far-flung rather than concentrated in one place. And few people have the time to take a year out of their lives to co-ordinate all the details involved in producing such an event. The question becomes how to keep those family traditions intact while living a modern lifestyle.

Crystal Ballroom knows how. We have five venues in central Florida: the original in Orlando, one in Altamont Springs overlooking Lake Pearl, another in Metro West Orlando, one in Daytona that is right on Sunset Harbor and the latest addition in Tampa Bay.

What they all have in common, as you might guess, is crystal; in the form of breathtaking chandeliers that illuminate each ballroom. The floors are polished hardwood. The ceilings and walls are swagged in white draperies, creating a perfect backdrop for any color scheme your heart desires. Fabulous, awesome, gorgeous, amazing, unforgettable, special. These are words clients have used to describe our venues and the services we provide. We couldn’t say it any better ourselves.

We can arrange everything for you: food, furniture, table settings, decorations, floral arrangements, china, service attendants, music. But we are equally delighted to step aside and let family and friends take over. If your tia wants to do the home cooking, if your primo wants to be the DJ, if your vecina wants to create the flower arrangements; so much the better. And if the quinceanera princess wants to sit in that special chair that her bisabuela used at her quince back in the old country, we’ll give it a place of honor.

Crystal Ballroom respects and understands the value of old family traditions in the modern world. Contact us to consult with one of our event coordinators, choose a venue and book a date.