Summer is right around the corner, which means if you’re looking to host a summer wedding, now is the time to shop for venues! Even if you aren’t planning to host your wedding for months or a year from now, visiting the venues you have in mind is a fantastic idea so that you can get a feel for how the venue you ultimately choose will look during the summer months. Outside of our three locations, The Crystal Ballroom is surrounded by beautiful blooming flowers and amazing landscape that catches the eye, especially during this warm season.

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At The Crystal Ballroom’s three wedding venues, we understand that shopping for a venue is a tough decision. There are many factors associated with making a choice, including, but not limited to: Location, Affordability, and most important- Appearance. The summer wedding venue you choose for your special day should be timeless, classic, and memorable. By choosing The Crystal Ballroom, you seal a guarantee that your wedding will be as beautiful and breathtaking as you envision. We work hard to impress our brides and grooms by taking every step we can to ensure satisfaction.

By having three open venues to choose from in the greater Orlando area, there’s a greater chance that one of them will meet your needs. Ease of access is important because you undoubtedly have guests arriving from different areas. When you are looking for a summer wedding venue, make sure location and ease of access is something you consider.

In addition, affordability is always a consideration. With brides and grooms having all kinds of budgets, we aim to be able to work with our clients on a range of affordable measures. We work with each client to create a timeline of due dates for payment, and pride ourselves on giving our beautiful couples the wow – factor they are looking for at a price they will love.

Last but not least, appearance of your summer wedding venue is something you can NOT compromise. Every day, The Crystal Ballroom is toured through and gleaming with décor that is presentable and beautiful. Our theme is elegance and classy, with chandeliers, sconces, hardwood floors, and floral arrangements. In terms of decoration, we aim to make sure every couple receives a decoration and design package that they will adore.

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When seeking a summer wedding venue, make sure you put The Crystal Ballroom on your list of places to view. Time and time again, we exceed expectations as a venue, and we would love to earn your business.

Let us enchant you with The Crystal Ballroom experience that every couple deserves.

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