If you’re looking forward to your daughter’s quinceañera soon, you might be looking for a venue for the quinceañera . You might be worried that hiring an event venue is too expensive and a burden on your budget that you don’t need. While you’re still in the early planning stages, you need to consider the location of this party. Here are some reasons to consider the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry for your daughter’s special day.

The Space You Need

If you have your daughter’s quinceañera celebration at home, you might find yourself limiting the guest list or crowding people into your home. At the Crystal Ballroom, we have ballrooms and event spaces of varying sizes. You can select a space that meets your need without having anything too grand. This way you don’t need to leave your Aunt Maria off of the guest list.

Decoration Duty

Your daughter is going to want her quinceañera party to be decked out with special decorations. At the Crystal Ballroom, we can save you the hassle of shopping for the right decorations. We already have them. When you arrive for your daughter’s special evening, you’ll find the banquet hall already decked out in gorgeous decoration that will make your daughter happy.

Head Chef

If you hold your daughter’s quinceañera celebration in your home, you’ll find yourself slaving over the stove for hours or ordering pizza. With the liberal open door policy for vendors at the Crystal Ballroom, you can find a caterer to bring in the food from appetizers to a full meal. You can find the right person to prepare your daughter’s favorite foods without lifting a finger.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we love to see parties being enjoyed by everyone. We offer policies and services to make sure that you don’t spend your daughter’s important evening working and can enjoy it. Call us today to schedule an appointment to view the property.