A Quinceañera is considered by many to be the day a girl enters into woman-hood. It is a day dedicated to a special princess; a day, that for many, can rival a wedding day. So it should be a night to remember.

On one of the most important birthdays in a woman’s life there should be everything necessary to make it feel like the most important day: a beautiful venue, elegant decor, and low stress.

Come celebrate at Crystal Ballrooms!

Crystal Ballrooms are where glamour meets elegance and where she will truly feel like a child of royalty. With extravagant ballrooms and three different table settings to choose from, Crystal Ballrooms are the ideal place to celebrate the coming of age.

Have her walk down a 220-foot red carpet into an elegant ballroom with fancy draping and extravagant chandeliers. She will surely feel like the bell of the ball.

Important days like quinceañeras are very, very busy days. And it can be very easy to get lost in all of the commotion.

Crystal Ballrooms has got you covered!

Here at Crystal Ballrooms we want you to enjoy the day alongside your beautiful princess. Don’t worry about catering, about decorating, and definitely not about clean up. Our friendly staff is dedicated to your great experience. We offer high quality service at competitive prices.

We have six different venues: Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Metro West, Daytona Beach, Clearwater, and Tampa Bay. Many of these offer a beautiful view of the water.

Quinceañeras are days filled with fun, food, friends, and family. Our great sound system is sure to get you out of our beautifully decorated tables and on to our ballroom dance floors.

Crystal Ballrooms doesn’t simply offer outstanding service and prime location, it offers an experience; an experience that you WILL remember.

Contact us today to book one of our terrific venues.