The fiesta de quince años or “fifteen years party” is an important milestone in a young girl’s life. For Latin American families in the United States, this celebration of when a daughter becomes a woman is a long-held tradition and a meaningful part of our culture.

Not only does a young lady trade in her dolls for high heels and make-up, but she shows her appreciation to her parents for all they’ve sacrificed to bring her up. The young woman gracefully accepts the blessings of her family as they send her off into the adult world.

De Niña a Mujer

The 15-year-old, or quinceañera, gathers her family around her for one magical day. Every detail from the floral arrangements to the majestic cake communicates how the young woman defines herself. This party represents how she will be ushered into adulthood.

Some young ladies are traditional and classic. Some ladies prefer a quince with splendor and elegance. Others will have a raucous party packed to the brim with cousins and friends.

It’s a rite of passage for the girl to plan each element. It’s important that she is proud to display to her community what kind of woman has developed thanks to their years of care and hard work.

Tus Quince

What kind of quince party do you want? Will you do a time-honored waltz with the chambelanes or will you have your damas bust out a surprise dance to the latest hit?

How do you imagine your entrance in your beautiful dress? Will you be surrounded by satin and pearls in the ballroom? Or is a daring monochrome theme more your style? There are plenty of decisions to make.

Make It Memorable

Hola hija/ Que linda estas/ Claro hoy cumples 15 años/ Bienvenida a tu fiesta

When these words finally play, we want to be there to make your day memorable for you and all your loved ones.

When you throw a quinceañera fiesta at the fabulous Crystal Ballroom, our professional staff will work with you to design the perfect event.

We know you have a lot of planning to do. You are going to be busy learning the dance, putting together a slideshow, picking music, and more. Leave the rest up to us!

The Big Day

We are professionals. From decorations to tableware, from flowers to photos—we have you covered.  Our beautiful decor options come with every Crystal Ballroom Event Package at no additional charge.

You only get one fiesta de quince. These photos of your special day will live on forever. The elegance of our ballroom is sure to stand out and make your day special.

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