Fifteen years is a big celebration, and at the Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, we would love to celebrate your milestone !

We love the natural scenery of Sunset Harbor for any event, but for such a once in a lifetime, family centered event, we believe it is truly perfect.

The beach just puts people at ease. It’s the power of the waves, the smell of the sand, the inherent sunshine that never quits. The ocean invites the bright colors of the traditional quinceanera; it is the perfect place for bright pink and aquamarine or red and fuschia. It is casual. It is elegant. It is classy. It is, for lack of a better word, absolutely perfect.

This is the best place to celebrate. And so we believe it is the best place to celebrate your quinceanera.

The photos alone should convince. Imagine one with the Quinceanera alone on the sand, the wind blowing her hair back just enough to remind of natural beauty. One with her dress lifted just enough so she can dip her toes in the water. The ocean is playful but beautiful, powerful yet provoking. Just like a young lady.

Contact us for a look into past events held at Sunset Harbor. From weddings to corporate events to other quinceaneras and milestone birthdays, we believe our history will inspire your future. Our packages exist wherever we are, including at the beach. So, whether your event is planned for a Sunday brunch or a Friday extravaganza, we are happy to help with the planning and the decorating, the lighting and the music. We can’t wait to meet you and celebrate you at the beach!