While there are countless numbers of places you could celebrate your quinceanera, surely you want a place that will not only fit your guest list but fit your budget.

There’s something else you need, though. You need a place that is more than just open space. You need a place that will help you, a place that will guide you, a place that will take your picture and make it real without you having to lift a finger.

Crystal Ballroom is that place. We have created your one-stop-shop for event venues. Not only do we provide an elegant space for your celebration, but we provide everything to fill that space with wonder. Our space includes a VIP canopy for the celebrated girl on her birthday, a red carpet entrance, a large hardwood dance floor and DJ ready sound system to get everyone moving. But we also offer you a free consultation with our in-house designer who will listen to your desires and then bring them to life. When you choose Crystal Ballroom, you choose everything: the chairs, the tables, the linens and centerpieces, the drapery to make you feel like royalty, and a talented, caring staff to put it all together.

It really is our staff that makes our venue unique. We care about everyone we meet and we care about celebrations. We know that great celebration requires great care and you can be assured that when you partner with Crystal Ballroom you are partnering with the venue who can do anything. Even when it comes to flowers, the DJ, the photographer, and caterer, we can point you to trusted local vendors who will take care of you.

Contact us to set up your free consultation and start the conversation about what we can really do for you. We can’t wait to meet you!