At the Crystal Ballroom, we are familiar with the traditional quinceanera. We love the big dresses and the familiar, yet always unique, ceremony of celebration. Yet we also know that many girls would love to put a modern spin on their day.

Here, we will give some tips for planning a modern quinceanera, while also upholding the traditional values.

  • A Dress for Ease. Consider a convertible dress, one that can be either long or short. So you can have the traditional ceremony in a dress that suits the occasion, then remove the bottom portion of the dress so you can dance the night away with ease. If you want to get rid of the traditional princess-type of dress, just go shopping and look for the most beautiful dress that fits you and your personality. Alternately, you can wear a princess dress for the ceremony and change into something lighter for the reception.
  • A Headband instead of a Tiara. A tiara is the crowning jewel of the young woman. Yet, consider a headband instead. One that is jeweled and sparkly and maybe even has some color to it (perhaps your birthstone). A bonus is that the elaborate headband can beworn to events after the quinceanera is over, such as school dances and fancy dinners.
  • A Dance of Today. Instead of a choreographed waltz, consider dancing to one of your favorite songs. A choreographed hip hop dance will delight everyone. If your family is more traditional, consider starting with a waltz and when it is over, do a modern song as well.

We hope we have inspired you to open your eyes to the possibilities of quinceanera traditions. Please contact us for more information on how we can make your day!