As hosts and hostesses of an event, a lot of stress comes when planning your bar area and catering. At The Crystal Ballroom, we pride ourselves on relieving that stress with our Bring Your Own policy! When you choose our venue for your event, we allow you to pick whichever catering company you like. While we offer the choice to pick from our preferred catering vendors, but we also realize that your event should reflect your character how you have it envisioned. The Crystal Ballroom offers the option to Bring Your Own catering, whether it be a family chef or your favorite restaurant.

Our alcoholic policies also reflect the same! We offer a certified bartender for bar services, while allowing you to purchase and bring in your own choices of liquor, wine, champagne, mixers, and any other beverage for your guests. You know your guests better than we do, why not take that advantage and cater to your guests the way you want!

With our Bring Your Own policy, we give you the gift of customizing your event to be exactly as you envisioned. The only limitation is that we don’t allow shots to be had at our facilities. Keeping that in mind, this still gives you countless options as far as mixed drinks.

Our catering policy has made all of our guests feel relieved because we are one of the few venue s that allow you to choose your own. Customization is important an event venue, and at The Crystal Ballroom, we understand that- which is why we are the Top Rated Local event venue in Orlando, Florida.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and call today to tour one of our event venue s right here in Orlando, Florida.

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