Oh, you are having a birthday! And it’s a big one. No one will be pinching your cheeks anymore. Instead, they’ll be encouraging you and speaking beauty.

The sixteenth year is one of wonder. Where you’re still very young, but your eyes are starting to gain wisdom. You will be at home for a couple more years, then off to college and off to see the future.

The world isn’t just at your fingertips, and it isn’t just your oyster. The world is big and filled with many things you will never see (no one has ever seen everything!) But you are set on a journey to find your life.

First, though, let’s talk about your Sweet Sixteen. This is one day to celebrate the threshold between childhood and adulthood. One birthday to display your favorite of everything.

Are you a pink and silver kind of girl, full of glamour and poofy skirts? Or are you a classic black and white, film noir kind of gal? Maybe you prefer sunflowers and cowboy boots?

Whatever your style, you need to celebrate it, and this is the perfect time.

So tell your family. Message your friends. Go in search of the best cake (or cupcakes, or candied apples, or a bowl full of the best jelly beans!)

And contact us because we are your one-stop-shop event center. We offer a beautiful venue decked out with all the things you need: a large dance floor, tables and chairs, all the decorations and table settings, and a personal event coordinator to help bring everything together. All you have to bring are the guests, the caterer, the DJ. Ask us for our list of preferred vendors if you need some direction.

We are excited to meet you and get to know you! We are excited to celebrate you! Oh, and happy birthday!