Party decorations, chairs, tables, and flowers


Party decorations, chairs, tables, and flowersAt The Crystal Ballroom, we love parties.

Celebrations. Events. Lifelong memories. They are all one in the same. We love to help you make the day special, no matter what the reason.

But how can we help?

We host, which means that we provide the building and three sizes of tables, chairs, table linens, and formal chinaware. We also provide state of the art uplighting and the experts to make it shine, and we provide an in-house designer who will take your desires and make them work together into one beautiful day or night.

When we decorate, we decorate everything. We set the tables with flowers or photos, petals or candles or a mix of all of it. We drape fabric on the ceiling to create elegance where nothing is usually found. We tie ribbons on chairs and place covers where needed to make even the sitting places pretty.

We are here for you, and we want to hear your vision for your celebration. Do you love yellow and blue and bright cheery everything or do you want a rainbow of pastel and beige? We are sure that whatever you want is going to be gorgeous.

Contact us because we do so much more than just provide the venue. We provide the designer. We provide ears to hear you and hands to make it happen. We provide help. And for the things that we don’t provide (like flowers and catering and DJ) we have a list of vendors we have seen work wonders. Seriously, give us a call because we would love to help you!