Do you know what’s kicking off on October 1st, 2015? It is Bilingual Child Month and our party halls in Orlando, Florida, are just the right locations for everyone’s multicultural events. Not only are we located in the Sunshine State’s greatest melting pot of them all, we’ve got plenty of multicultural menus, entertainment and decor ideas to go around too.

Because Bilingual Child Month is wide open to interpretation, it may be used to celebrate a variety of cultures and sub-topics. For example, maybe someone in the family is also celebrating a Quinceanera, Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It’s also a fabulous time to celebrate the following Spanish holidays:

  • Spanish National Day
  • Dia de la Grito de Yara
  • Dia de la Senor de los Milagros
  • Dia de la Raza

And although Dia de los Muertos doesn’t officially begin until November, its essence could be worked into a late October fiesta too. The same goes for Dia de Todos los Santos, Panama and El Salvador’s Independence Days. After all, they traditionally fall in the first two weeks of November. So there is nothing that says they can’t be celebrated early at our party halls in Orlando, Florida.

Our catering partner has pre-set menus that include many ethnic favorites from all seven continents. Plus, they’re willing to alter the menu to accommodate more than one ethnic cuisine preference. That’s a big part of what makes our party halls in Orlando such great places to have Bilingual Child Month or multicultural events. And as we mentioned before, our decorations and table linens may be chosen to match any ethnic or bilingual theme.

To speak with the Crystal Ballroom staff and arrange a Bilingual Child Month event before all of October 2015’s open dates are gone, please call or e-mail our party halls in Orlando today.