bartender happily making coctail

bartender happily making coctailWhether you’re throwing a festive party or having the wedding of your dreams, one thing you’re almost certain to want to have is some adult beverages for everyone to drink. However, if you have a budget to stay within for your event, the last thing you’d want is to spend too much on the alcohol. Many venues charge an arm and a leg for alcohol, causing people to have to either skimp on the amount of alcohol they serve at their event or end up going over on their budget. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be an either-or situation. Not if you’re hosting your event at the Crystal Ballroom, anyway.

At Crystal Ballroom, we welcome you to bring your own beverages. That means you will be able to buy alcohol from wherever you usually buy them from at a great price. And believe it or not, we won’t even charge you a corkage fee. Hence, you’ll be able to have adult beverages at your event for the same cost as what it would have been to throw a party at your place. Honestly, it really can’t get much more budget-friendly than that.

Want to know what’s really cool about the beverage situation at Crystal Ballroom though? It’s the fact that even though we encourage you to bring your own beverages without charging you a corkage fee, we have an in-house bartender who will happily serve all of your drinks. So you can attend to your guests instead of having to worry about whether or not they all have a drink in hand.

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