So you’re planning an event. Maybe a wedding. Maybe a milestone birthday party. Maybe a 50th wedding anniversary party or a corporate gala. Whatever the event, you want to make sure it’s perfect.

And we know that perfect doesn’t just mean the same thing you’ve seen before. While there are several constants to event planning, each event must have its own personality.

We provide the perfect foundation for celebration. We want you to know that we are your one-stop shop for events. Our large ballroom already has a DJ ready sound system and state of the art uplighting, a beautiful hardwood dance floor and a vintage bar and coffee service.

Then, you are free to make choices. What kinds of chair covers? What size tables and what color tablecloths? What flowers? What centerpieces? Our in-house designer is available to help you take our already laid foundation and turn it into your personal beauty of an event.

We have an open vendor policy which means that you can use your own vendors to create bouquets, to cook and bake and sing. We have a list of preferred vendors that we are happy to share, but the choice is yours.

Contact us because we have so much more to say, so much more to give. We have been celebrating all kinds of events for years and our experts are full of knowledge and excitement. We are always glad to welcome a new event, a new personality. Really, we can’t wait to meet you!