Fall is on the horizon, and before you know it, Halloween will be here. That means it’s time for you to throw a spooktacular Halloween bash at our Orlando banquet hall. Need help coming up with a theme for your Halloween party? Check out the three Halloween party ideas below.

Vampire Party

Instead of going with a generic costume party, how about going with a theme? A fun idea for Halloween is to throw a vampire party and invite all of your friends. They can go old school style and dress up like Count or Countess Dracula. Alternatively, they can dress up like the vampires in the Twilight series of movies, all glittery and pasty white. As the host of the evening, just be sure to serve up plenty of bright red drinks.

Witch Party

Another fun theme you can go with for your Halloween party is a witch theme. Bring out your pointy black hat and broomstick for the evening. Make some black candy apples to serve to your guests. Also, bring out a big cauldron to brew up some delightful fun.

Sexy Halloween Party

Don’t feel like looking all scary and ugly for Halloween? Then how about throwing a sexy Halloween party instead? Just make sure it’s clear from your invitations that guests should show up in sexy Halloween costumes and not disguises that fully conceal their faces. Also, if you’re throwing a sexy Halloween party, make sure your guest list includes adults only.

Ready to throw a fun Halloween bash? Contact us today to get your party started.