First-time brides and their families often find themselves overwhelmed at all of the wedding packages in Orlando available to them in the Orlando-Metro West, Casselberry and Altamonte Springs area. They wonder how they’re ever going to wheedle down the amazing array of fantastic choices and arrive at the perfect one. So, our wedding planners in Orlando have put together a short list of dos and don’ts:

Do keep out-of-town attendees’ needs at the forefront of your Orlando wedding package plans. Choose one that allows them ample time to arrive and get comfortable before the ceremony or reception begins. Oftentimes, packages that start with one or two-hour beverage service are best for such situations.

Don’t neglect to factor in the amount of time it takes to serve 170 guests or less sit-down or buffet meals. Work with your wedding planner to ensure that there are either enough servers or sufficient time set aside to get everyone served on time. Then allow additional time for guests to enjoy their meals before scheduling other wedding activities (e.g. live entertainment).

Do note that it is not necessary to fill every waking moment of your guests’ wedding experience with entertainment. Give them opportunities to walk around the wedding venue, use the restroom, talk to each other and take photos too. They’ll appreciate not being rushed and you’ll likely feel less stressed as well.

Don’t miss a chance to provide guests with a variety of menu choices to meet their wants and needs. Remember, not everyone will be able to eat certain foods (e.g. gluten or sodium). So, it is vital to provide alternatives that won’t make them feel like the odd man or woman out.

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