When you dreamed about your wedding, you probably didn’t realize that food was going to play such a large part in the planning. You need to provide appetizers with the cocktail hour, a meal and finally a midnight snack when the guests are hungry again after dancing the night away. When your wedding reception is at an Orlando banquet hall, then you’re going to have room to set up food stations where guests can help themselves to midnight snacks. Each station has a theme or one food type that’s easy for guests to handle and eat quickly. Here are a few midnight snack station ideas for your big day.

Hot Pretzels and Pretzel Bites

A warm pretzel can fill up your guests with its yeasty goodness. In addition to warm pretzel, set out a variety of dipping sauces. You can include sweet and spicy mustards, a cheese dip and even a marinara sauce. In some cases, you can a cinnamon and sugar mixture to toss the pretzel bites and include a buttery spray so that the mixture sticks.


Pizza is always a late night snack food. Today, gourmet pizza helps turn a run-of-the-mill snack into a taste sensation. In addition to your cheese and pepperoni pizzas, you want to make sure there are barbecue chicken pizza and other gourmet offerings.


Butter goodness from the first bite is what everyone remembers about eating biscuits. For your midnight snack offer a biscuit station with a few varieties already made up. You can offer the standard bacon, egg and cheese biscuit along with a honey baked ham with Swiss cheese and a sweet mustard. If you want your guests to have more options, you can arrange a variety of jams, meats, cheeses, and preserves to create their own masterpieces.

The Crystal Ballroom offers banquet halls of generous sizes so that you can set up stations for your midnight snacks. Contact us today for a tour.