If you’re planning an Orlando ballroom wedding, you might have some questions about how to handle issues related to plus one guests. Here are some answers to a few of the most common concerns.

When are plus ones required? At a minimum, you need to include both spouses when you’re inviting a married couple. You also want anyone in your wedding party to feel free to bring a guest.

What about the rest of your single guests? It’s nice if you can give all your single guests the option of bringing a guest, but you don’t have to feel bad if space and budget limits rule that out. Just focus on how you can make your guests happy and comfortable.

Is it okay to ask? It’s better not to inquire further if you’re a guest who didn’t receive a plus one. After all, the bride and groom have probably already weighed the issue so why put them on the spot?

Do plus ones have to be romantic relationships? It’s up to you as the wedding guest. If you prefer to bring a friend for company, go ahead.

Do you have to use the plus one? Certainly not. In fact, if you can let the wedding couple know as soon as possible about your decision to attend solo, they may appreciate the opportunity to invite another guest.

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