Glitz and glam or farmhouse feel. Whatever your style, you should never have to reduce your dream wedding because of a budget. Budgets are sensible and often necessary, but do not need to pop the bubble on your fantasy. At Crystal Ballroom, budgets are our specialty! We offer all-inclusive pricing so you know exactly what you are getting for your special day without any unexpected expenses that could break the bank.

The Location: Not only do you choose your ideal location from our several venues in Orlando, you also choose indoor, outdoor, or both. From there, our long list of amenities are ready to accommodate your party planning needs. Chairs, three types of banquet tables, linens, VIP canopy, VIP suites and more. As your “One Stop Shop” for all your wedding needs, you can cater a package to suit your style and your budget.

The Decor: DJ’s, flower arrangements, and cake decorators are all at your service through our amenities and vendor list, ready to transform your day into flawless perfection. However, we have an open vendor policy that allows you to choose your own vendors, if you prefer, and we are happy to coordinate the details of your special day.

The Entertainment: Our ballrooms offer plenty of dance space, beautiful hardwood floors and a DJ ready sound system. With lighting experts on our event staff, your personalized design optimizes the uplighting and use of spotlights to capture the atmosphere you are looking for during your wedding and reception.

The Food and Beverages: With the open vendor policy, you not only choose the type of food you want from the caterer you love, but you have control over the price! We will coordinate with your vendor, offer service attendants, arrange spectacular formal chinaware, provide a vintage bar and elegant coffee service. And don’t forget to plan your perfect cocktail hour on the mezzanine level with our event planners.

Crystal Ballroom serves your Orlando wedding package needs with all-inclusive pricing. Our long list of amenities and vendors allows you to choose what you wish to be provided and cater every detail to your dream and your budget. Your wedding and reception are guaranteed to be memorable and we would love to be a part of it. Contact us to learn more about our all-inclusive package pricing and discover how we make your event planning as easy and stress-free as possible.