Finding the right wedding venue can be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to planning your wedding. Of course, people can get married anywhere as long as they have a license and an official. But the location of the wedding is going to play a large role in the memories you and your guests make.

At Crystal Ballrooms, we are all about creating an experience everyone involved is going to love. From lavish decorations, plenty of customizations, and an easy planning process for the happy couple, we have everything covered. If you are looking for an affordable wedding venue in Orlando, you will not find anything better than Crystal Ballrooms. We have five convenient locations in CasselberryAltamonte Springs, Metro Central (Veranda Park), Daytona Beach, and Tampa Bay.

We like to think all of our prices are affordable compared to other venues you might find. But we have a number of ways built into our pricing that can make it even more affordable for those on a tighter budget. All of our venues have slightly different pricing based on demand and available amenities. Choosing one of our venues with lower costs will help out with the budget. We also have different prices for different days of the week and times of the day. Picking a weekday, a Sunday, or a Saturday brunch time for your wedding can help with a budget. And lastly, we generally have pricing based on 100 guests and adding to the cost per guest after that. So keeping your guest list around 100 people can help you stick to your budget as well.

For more information about pricing and getting the affordable wedding of your dreams, contact us today at Crystal Ballroom.