If you are getting married in the near future and are planning a wedding on a budget, you are probably scouring the web and your contacts to find inexpensive wedding venues in Orlando. What you might not know about it the hidden gem—Crystal Ballroom— that has five convenient locations throughout Florida. Each one of them has unique charm and offers a decadent wedding experience for a completely affordable price.

How do we make weddings inexpensive for our guests planning on a budget? There are a number of ways we work with our clients who have a budget. First of all, we recommend choosing a time and a location that works best with your budget. Our brunch weddings and Sunday weddings are less expensive than weekend evening weddings. Our locations also vary in price so you can let that be a factor in your decision.

We also make things more affordable for you by letting your bring in your own catering and bar tenders. We are happy to offer a list of preferred vendors, but we know food can be a big way to save money. You can spend $15 a head for a taco bar from your favorite burritoplace or $100 a head for fancy catering so we let you make the call.

At Crystal Ballroom, we also want to make sure you are only paying for what you need. So in most cases, we start our pricing at 100 guests and a 5-hour use of the space. That way you can choose to pay an additional amount for more guests or more time if you want.

For more information about planning an inexpensive wedding at Crystal Ballroom, contact us today.