If you’re planning a wedding or other special event on a limited budget, don’t worry that you’re limited to your backyard because even inexpensive wedding venues in Orlando are out of your price range. When you run the numbers, premier venues like the Crystal Ballroom will probably save you money, and may even keep you on the right side of the law.

Complying with local laws and permits

Do you know what your local laws say about noise and time restrictions? Even if you can get a permit for live entertainment and extended hours on the date you want, are you concerned about how it might affect your future relationship with your neighbors. When you hold your event at an established venue, you avoid all these worries.

Budgeting for unforeseen expenses

Rental costs add up fast. Plus, while many venues provide nothing more than tables and chairs, the Crystal Ballroom offers all-inclusive packages with everything you need. Once you start pricing items from flatware to tents, you’ll appreciate the value.

Managing the logistics

It’s not just a matter of how many guests will fit in your backyard. Do you have enough parking spaces and bathrooms? When you’re planning a big event, do you want the extra stress of trying to figure out how to get an alcohol license or schedule an inspection with a fire marshal? The Crystal Ballroom handles all the details to make your event as easy as possible for you.

Contact us today to take a look at our amazing event packages. The Crystal Ballroom provides you with everything you need to make your wedding or other event affordable and memorable.