Tying the knot with the one you love can be one of the most expensive experiences you will ever have in your lifetime. As the prices of everything continue to rise, we know that brides everywhere struggle when deciding on whether to go all-out for a tremendous wedding experience, or to dutifully pinch their wedding pennies. To help make that decision easier, we are happy to announce that by planning a wedding celebration at the Crystal Ballroom, brides can do both! Brides no longer have to sacrifice their dream of an elaborate, luxurious wedding on the altar of expenses. Our team is fully prepared to offer you the wedding of your dreams, at a price that is easy on the wallet. Here’s how:

1. No need for rentals.

Because so many wedding items are already provided on-site, couples will not be scrambling to find tables, chairs, arches, or other items that are commonly rented for events such as these.

2. No need for decorations.

Decorating is one of the things we are known for! Just give us your colors and ideas and let us create an event that is designed specifically with you in mind!

3. No need for additional help.

While some brides call upon close friends or family members to help with hosting their reception, others hire help for the day. The staff at the Crystal Ballroom is fully prepared to handle many of the details of your reception, so that you will not have to delegate tasks to less-than-willing guests. From pouring your champagne to serving your cake, our staff has it covered.

When you take into consideration all the amenities that are included in our wedding packages, our venue is one of the mostinexpensive wedding venues in Orlando.

Feel like you need more information about our wedding packages? Contact us to schedule a time when we can show you just how impressive our ballrooms are!