Your wedding should be a happy day. It should be a day free of worry and stress. Yet so often, brides and grooms are on edge, trying to make sure that everything is working out the way it should.

At Crystal Ballroom, we hope that you will relax on your wedding day, and that you are relaxing in the days leading up to your wedding, too. We hope that you can sit back and let us work. That’s why we have put together several wedding packages. Take a look through them, and you will see that we have thought of everything.

All our packages offer you the same great service and the same beautiful ballroom. The differences hinge on days, times, number of guests, and budgets. All our packages are all-inclusive. We provide the venue, the decorations, the tables and table settings. We even provide the staff to ensure that all the details will come together on time. For the things we don’t offer, like catering and photography, we will be happy to provide our list of preferred vendors. These are companies that we have worked with before and who we can vouch for.

Take our word for it, our ballrooms are about so much more than just the physical space. While we know that the building is of the utmost importance, we also know that weddings require patience and care. We know that all weddings share a few commonalities, but that all weddings are also unique. We invite you to contact us so we can get to know you and your event, so we can start working on keeping your smile for life.