Your wedding day is going to be one of those days that you remember for the rest of your life. From your dress and the menu to the guests and the music, all the details will blend together to make your day just right. Of course, what’s hot for weddings last year when your best friend got married isn’t necessarily hot for yours. Each year brings new trends for making the perfect wedding day at a venue in Orlando. Here are some of the expected hottest wedding trends for 2016.


From the crystals and bling craze, there is now a trend to add metallic to your wedding. From bridesmaid dresses in silver and gold to wedding gowns trimmed with rose gold, metallic can be found in almost every element of a wedding. Instead of glass vases for flowers, you can purchase metal buckets made to look metallic. The two hottest metallic colors this yearare going to be rose gold and copper.

Cooking Stations

More and more couples are moving away from traditional, formal sit-down meals in favor of cooking stations with buffets and specialty tables. This allows your guests to get their food tailor made to their personal taste and take only what they are going to eat. The layout of these tables can add elegance and an intimate feeling to your wedding.


Yes, you’re reading that right! Feathers are going to be a popular design element on wedding dresses this year. Some dresses will feature a ball gown skirt covered in feathers while other dresses incorporate a few feathers as a design detail. For this year’s trends, all of the feathers are bleached pure white.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we take pride in keeping up with the recent trends. Contact us today for more information.