What if you had a wedding and no one danced? Okay, nothing that bad is likely to happen, but you can make extra sure the entertainment portion of your wedding is dazzling by having your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom, the ideal choice among banquet halls in Orlando.

We have everything you need to make you and your guests want to dance the night away. Take a look at a few points to keep in mind.

Make sure your dance floor measures up: You don’t want the dance area to be too small or too big so work on your floor plan accordingly. If it’s too cramped, people may stay in their seats rather than add to the crush. If it’s too big, they may feel like they’re the only ones dancing even if there are other couples out on the floor.

Count on your DJ: The Crystal Ballroom’s very open vendor policy means you can hire the DJ you want or take advantage of our experience to find local DJs and other vendors with a track record for excellence. That’s important because while you want your DJ to know your requirements and preferences, you also want to be able to rely on their judgment to read the crowd.

Think about openings and closings: A strong start and memorable finish make for a successful evening. After your first dance, give your guests a rousing welcome to come and join you. Plan something special for the final moments too.

Pick an outstanding venue: That’s guaranteed at the Crystal Ballroom. In addition to our hardwood floors and spectacular sound system, we have a team of wedding professionals who will give you the support and expertise you need for all those wedding decisions from dancing to menus to decorating.

Come see how the Crystal Ballroom of Orlando can help you take the stress of out of wedding planning. Contact us today.