Stylist pinning up a bride’s hairstyle and bridal veil before the wedding

You probably know that hiring a Day of the Event Coordinator can help you with your wedding planning. However, some couples try to save money by going without one, and asking a friend to handle the responsibilities instead. That can be a big mistake. See why a professional like a Crystal Ballroom Wedding Coordinator is a much better value.

A Professional Wedding Coordinator Knows the Vendors. Given that dealing with a wide range of vendors is one of the primary responsibilities, someone who already knows the local providers, and works with them on a regular basis has a big head start compared to anyone outside the wedding industry or not from the local area. Plus, our coordinators are familiar with the usual contract language, which is another advantage that a newcomer would find hard to match.

A Professional Wedding Coordinator Keeps Things on Schedule. Delays are one of the most common problems that can interfere with the experience for your wedding guests. Whether it’s waiting for pictures to be taken or speeches to end, your guests start getting hungry and fidgety. It’s difficult for someone who has only attended weddings as a guest to master the details of time management on short notice, but our coordinators excel at keeping things running smoothly.

A Professional Wedding Coordinator Can Be Objective. You and your loved ones have a huge emotional investment in your wedding, and stress is contagious. If you friend gets flustered, you’re likely to pick up on their mood. Wouldn’t you rather focus on getting married and celebrating with your guests, and leave the details to us?

Our Day of the Event Coordinator services are just one more reason for choosing a Crystal Ballroom wedding venue. Contact us to arrange a tour of our Orlando ballroom or any of our other Florida venues.