You’ve seen it: the tulle, the candles, the matching chair covers and tablecloths, large vases with giant floral arrangements, jewels and bows and paper lanterns.

While all these things can be put together in sheer elegance, the only things that will truly speak elegance at your event are things that speak to you.

What do we mean by “things that speak to you”? We mean that you should not decorate your event based on one page you saw in one magazine. Look through several magazines, walk through stores like Hobby Lobby and Pier 1, and even if your event is not a wedding, you may find some great ideas by attending wedding shows.

Weddings are the epitome of event decorating. Browsing through the vendors at a wedding show could provide just the inspiration you need to place the details of your event.

Elegant: tastefully fine or luxurious in dress, style, design, etc. Gracefully refined and dignified. Graceful in form or movement. Excellent; fine; superior.

Yet tacky is just one step too far past elegance. Tacky is when a great idea becomes too involved, or when the event purpose is forgotten.

A business conference will look different than a wedding, and one business’ conference will look different than another, just as one couple’s wedding will be different than a separate couple’s wedding.

So take the tulle, the candles, those matching chair covers and tablecloths. Or leave them in place of fish bowls and glittered tree branches.

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