When you’re trying to stick to your wedding budget, looking into affordable Orlando wedding venues can help. You may be able to avoid having to make unpleasant sacrifices like cutting your guest list. Imagine being able to invite everyone you want for your special day at a magical venue without going over on your expenses.

Of course, there are some wedding costs you can trim that will have little impact on you and your guests. There are many kinds of flowers and foods that are just as beautiful and delicious as their more expensive counterparts.

However, leaving people out of your wedding just because you can’t afford to have them there is a much greater loss. You may feel awkward about how it will affect your relationships, and it may add stress to what should be a joyful time. Wouldn’t you rather spend more time thinking about your future life together and less time trying to juggle a complicated A and B list so you don’t wind up in debt?

The Crystal Ballroom has been called the “hidden jewel” of Orlando because we provide value, service, and attention to detail so you can have the wedding of your dreams, including inviting who you really want to be there. How do we do it? We provide a one stop shop so you won’t be surprised by additional budget items, and we partner with a variety of preferred Orlando vendors.

Stop worrying about your guest list and contact us today. We have multiple gorgeous ballrooms and packages to help you find exactly what you want for your wedding day.