When people hire the services of the Crystal Ballroom, they will usually do so with certain events in mind. This is where people will go when someone is getting married, turning fifteen or sixteen, or otherwise changing in some important way. However, there are no strict limits on which events are allowed there.

Many people specifically try to do something different with regards to celebrations. Some individuals decide to have very small weddings but very large anniversary parties, even though this is a reversal of the typical pattern. There are people who celebrate very unconventional holidays, and they might want to enjoy some dancing in gorgeous surroundings at the Crystal Ballroom. Some people might think that the winter solstice is the perfect time to throw a party. Other people would rather stay inside.

Some individuals might just decide to throw a huge party at the Crystal Ballroom for its own sake, and they might be making their own occasion. Essentially, some people will want to be traditional at the Crystal Ballroom, and other people will want to be completely different. One way or another, the staff members at the Crystal Ballroom will be with them every step of the way.

When people work with the staff at the Crystal Ballroom, they can decide on the dinnerware, the proportions of the banquet tables, and the exact linens of the banquet tables. For the people who are specifically trying to find a way to celebrate unconventional holidays or the people trying to celebrate holidays unconventionally, this is an ideal situation. However, people who value a more traditional approach to celebrations will be just as pleased.

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