Weddings are not cheap, especially when you intend on having a large wedding, but this does not mean that you have to make an outrageously high budget to get everything you want and need. It is possible to accomplish these goals with strategic planning, which begins with affordable Orlando wedding venues.

Find a Local Food Business to Cater Your Wedding

After finding an inexpensive place to have your wedding, you will want to find the catering. Wedding packages are great because they come with everything that your wedding requires, but you can bargain hunt for better deals when your highest priority is having an affordable and enjoyable wedding. It is best to look at local food businesses that you already like and see if they offer catering. These restaurants or shops can make sure that your wedding is full of food that you know is going to taste incredible.

Ask Family and Friends for an Officiant

Although you do not have to spend a lot of money to get an officiant for your wedding, you can definitely save money when a family member or friend has their certification. If no one does, you should ask family and friends if they know anyone that is certified and willing to be your officiant at a discounted rate.

Turn Decorations into a Fun Project

Instead of buying decorations, you can just make them. Most wedding decorations do not have expiration dates, so you can start making them several months in advance and take your time finishing them. For the decorations that have an expirationdate, such as those with flowers or plants, you can get everything you need a day or two before your wedding, and then you can tackle the project at one time.

Shop Early for Secondhand

Buying the groom’s suit and the bride’s dress does not have to be an expensive shopping trip. If you start early enough, you can scour sales on used clothes, until you find the perfect suit and dress. Giving yourself a few months to shop will help you avoid settling when it comes to your outfits.

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