You’ve spent a lot of time dreaming about your wedding so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that it takes a lot of time to plan it. There are flowers, dresses, themes, invitations and party favors to consider. Of course, one of the biggest things to consider is the food you want to offer your guests. When you select the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando as your venue, you benefit from our liberal vendor policy. Here are some of the food trends for your wedding in 2017.

Carnival Foods

Your wedding reception is a fun party to celebrate your love so why not add fun foods to the menu. You can offer cotton candy and funnel cakes to the menu so your guests can feel like they’re at a carnival. You might consider Cracker Jacks and caramel popcorn to add to the possibilities.


Why waste time with forks, when you can offer finger foods on skewers. You can provide fresh fruits and raw veggies on skewers. For something more filling, you can send out chicken and steak skewers with grilled vegetables. You can even create your own dessert skewers using marshmallows and chunks of cake.

Do-it-Yourself Food Station

Let your guests prepare their own fun treats. You can offer a baked potato bar or macaroni and cheese food station. For something sweet, set up a snow cone station, ice cream sundae bar of a s’mores bar with little bunsen burners to toast the marshmallows.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we have an open-door policy for vendors so that you get the foods you want on your special day. Contact us to learn more.