Whether you recently got engaged or you have been planning your wedding for several months, you may have found that wedding costs add up quickly. One of the biggest expenses of your wedding is the venue. Finding a quality, affordable venue is a great way to have a wonderful wedding without spending too much money. Here are some of the signs of affordable wedding venues in Orlando:

No Hidden Costs

Sometimes, a venue may seem affordable at first glance. Then the hidden costs come out. For example, maybe they charge extra if you bring in your own drinks or cake. Maybe they have basic decorations, but if you want your venue decorated more to your style, it costs extra. An affordable wedding venue will let you know right away if any services are extra and the cost of those services.

Multiple Services for a Flat Fee

Much like not having hidden costs, an affordable wedding venue will have multiple services for a flat fee. If you are paying a certain cost for the venue, but you have to pay extra for things like the decorations, using the venue for the ceremony rehearsal, and other basic services, you may want to rethink using that place for your wedding.

Friendly Staff

Finding an affordable wedding venue is about more than just the monetary cost. It can be stressful to plan a wedding, and even your wedding day can be a bit of a stressful experience, especially if you do not feel comfortable with the people making your wedding day happen. Trust your initial instincts when you first meet the staff of the venue where you plan to get married. If the people are rude or otherwise unfriendly, think about if you can afford the stress and other negative feelings associated with working with those people during your wedding planning process and on your wedding day.

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