Weddings are exciting events filled with love, family and friends. When you look back on your wedding day, you won’t remember the stress that went into planning the day or the little mishaps that occurred, including the flower girl that walked the wrong way. As you start planning your wedding and picking out the banquet hall in Orlando that meets your needs, you won’t be thinking about these things. You’ll be trying to figure out what the latest trends are and how you can incorporate them into your special day. Here are some of the newest and hottest trends of 2016.

Substitute Wedding Cakes

One of the most expensive single items at a wedding is the wedding cake that can run into thousands of dollars. More and more, dessert tables filled with cake pops, cupcakes, macaroons and other sweet treats are replacing these cakes. In some cases, there are towers or pyramids of cakes and pies. Other fun ideas let guests design their own pies or top their own cupcakes. This allows guests a larger favor selection than a single wedding cake.

Live Music

The intimacy of live music is slowly replacing the concept of having a DJ at a wedding. This music can include bands, single instrument players or a small quartet. This might limit the number of available songs and genre, but it has a more authentic feel about it.

Video Highlights

With everyone uploading to social media, many photographers and video technicians are offering video highlights that can be delivered to the bride and groom that same evening. These videos run between three and seven minutes and show the highlights of the wedding day. The happy couple can then share their special day with people unable to make it in minutes over social media.

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