Wedding photography should always be included in the event budget and can range in price, but you get what you pay for with this service. The important thing to remember is to make sure you have a friendly and experienced wedding photographer that will work well with you. Once you have hired the perfect professional to capture your big day, you are almost there. If you have picked the perfect venue, like Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, FL, and taken care of decorations and attire, expect some good pictures. Here are 5 ways to put your wedding pictures to good use after the day is over and done.

Create a photo book online

These days there are several options online to create something cool with all those wedding pictures. Websites like Shutterfly have design software you can use to create the perfect wedding photo book. This keepsake will be looked at and treasured for years to come so make sure you are in every picture! At least most of them. The day was all about you two so make it showcase your love for one another, in picture form that is.

Have a large print framed

Pick your very favorite photo from your wedding and use it! A picture of you two during the ceremony holding hands, or just after you are brand new bride and groom are sweet ones. Have a professional 8×10 or larger print made to hang on your wall at home. You can also get a canvas of the photo made which has a nice look and will be cherished as long as you both shall live.

Make a wedding photo into a refrigerator magnet

This little magnet will make you happy every time you go to the fridge. It’s fitting because gaining weight means you’re happy – at least you should be happy (because you’re eating)! The fridge magnet with a personalized picture on it is always a nice add-on, costing only a few bucks. You can customize them with text too, with phrases like: “The First Kiss.”

Use your wedding photos on your desktop or screen saver

Nothing is better than closing out all those browser windows to a memory from your beautiful wedding day. If the day was sunny and warm, rainy and fun, or full of winter wonder you will be happy looking back and thankful you captured the whole thing.

Make a postcard or bookmark with your best shots

Once all is said and done and you are left with fantastic memories and some fabulous pictures (and your spouse we hope!), there is no better way to reminisce than using the pictures in the day-to-day. If you read a lot or like making notes and to-do lists on scraps of paper, you can make those pictures into something useful with a postcard or bookmark.

There could be hundreds or maybe thousands of things to use your wedding photos for; your limit is your imagination. The first step is to find the best photographer you can. This may be your most important wedding-related decision. Make sure to book early to get your date locked in, and then look forward to the fun! Book your venue early too for the best available dates.