For your wedding at the Crystal Ballroom in Orlando, you want the best of everything. From food and music to drinks and flowers, you want a wedding celebration as special as you are. Each year brings a new set of trends and must-haves for the discerning bride. It seems what was hot last year has fallen out of fashion for the new year. As we begin the new year, it’s time to check out some of the new trends for the upcoming wedding season. Of course, a big part of your wedding is going to be the cake and desserts. Who doesn’t love a sugar buzz at a wedding? Here’s a look at the sweeter side of wedding trends.

Lush Cakes

It’s time to put away the pies, donuts and cupcakes. This year, there will be a return of the multiple tier wedding cake. To decorate these tall towers of cake and icing, many brides will look for natural options, such as fresh flowers, hand painting or even your grandmother’s pearls.

Flavorful Cakes

You can never go wrong with chocolate and vanilla, but this year, more adventurous brides will select salted caramel, fruit fillings and rich ganaches. Many bakeries offer the option of making each tier a different flavored cake with a variety of fillings and icing flavor combinations.

Dessert Hour

In the place of a formal dessert course, many brides will opt for a more casual approach to sweets. You can have the waitstaff offering desserts as the guests mingle or set up stations where guests can select a dessert and mingle with other guests.

At the Crystal Ballroom, we offer a very liberal vendor policy so that you can easily get the cake of your dreams without a hassle. Contact us today for more information on our vendor policy.