Fall is a great time for planning a wedding. The weather cools off, and the leaves become a riot of colors. This time of year also opens up a lot of options for your fall wedding. If you’re looking to strike a balance between a traditional wedding and the latest trends, then you need to know what the trends are for both 2017 and specifically for the fall. Here are three more 2017 fall trends you can expect to see and might want to incorporate for your big day at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry.

Wedding Dresses

In the fall, you can enjoy long sleeves and warmer materials. This year, the popular material for the fall is cashmere. Many brides are looking at two-piece gowns, where the shirt part is a soft, dreamy cashmere and the skirt features lace, satin or ruffles. If you opt for a separate reception dress, then you might consider cashmere for the material of this dress and go more traditional for the ceremony.


One of the largest portions of your budget goes towards food so you want to ensure that there’s something for everyone. Food stations continue to be a popular staple at weddings. However, there’s a new slant towards a coffee station and a barbecue station with sauces from around the country.

Color Schemes

Although you might see some pastels as accents, you might notice that they seem a little more frosty. The hottest colors this fall include plum and burgundy. These darker, richer shades are perfect for the season. Other accents include lots of metallics.

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