When planning your wedding, even the tiniest detail becomes important. One thing that often gets overlooked is the lighting for your big day. Lighting, however, can be one of the most impactful additions you can make to your wedding celebration.

From candles to strings of twinkling lights, projected dance floor monograms to crystal chandeliers your wedding lighting has the power to transform your wedding venue from a simple setting to an elegant masterpiece.

At the Crystal Ballroom our team of lighting experts can help you design the perfect lighting combination to make your big day memorable.

Consider these three unique ways to transform your wedding space:

Illuminate your cake or dessert table

 Your dessert was carefully chosen, and you’ve decorated the space to match your theme perfectly. Now, consider setting up a perfectly positioned spotlight to highlight that delectable pastry in all its glory. Or, illuminate it with softly glowing candles to help to jump-start the appetites of your guests.

Highlight your escort cards or guest book

Guests are always searching for their seats when they arrive at the reception venue. Help them locate their escort cards, or direct them where to sign the guest book utilizing a patterned spotlight or projected image. These lighting features can add a touch of elegance or whimsy while also turning the focus of your guests in the desired location.

Brighten corners to increase visible space

Uplighting and spotlights will help to make your big day memorable, but they will also add much-needed character to otherwise drab corners. By having color-washed reception walls and illuminating the corners of the room you can increase how big the room is perceived to be. You can choose to brighten up the space by using uplighting in your wedding colors. You can even switch up the hues throughout the evening during important moments like your first dance! This unexpected touch will be sure to “wow” your guests. You can really transform your space by placing uplighting around the perimeter of the room.

Our team at The Crystal Ballroom would love to meet you so we can help you plan your celebration. Contact us for more information on our all-inclusive package deals and be sure to browse our gallery to see our lighting work for yourself.