1. Preparing Your Skin for Your Wedding Day: A Bride’s Guide to Skincare

    You want your wedding day to be flawless- from your wedding gown down to the last drop of makeup you put on your face. Why compromise on looking less than perfect on the day itself? If you have problem skin, you can always prepare yourself in advance with solutions from your kitchen while also seeking advice of a skin specialist. Typically, there are 3 – 4 types of skin, and they are: * Dry Skin…Read More

  2. Planning Your Wedding Flowers And Decorations

    When it comes to wedding flowers and decorations, the key to pulling off any look that works lies in the planning. Since there are no rules when it comes to wedding flowers, it really is all about what the couple, mainly the bride, wants and can afford. Decorating options are limited only by the imagination, and even the most outrageous floral images can be made to fit practically any budget. You …Read More

  3. Monogram Napkins: Personalize Your Wedding or Party

    Monograms are an easy way to add a personal touch to anything at your wedding. Clothing, for example, can have your initials embroidered in the chest or the back. You can also add a monogram to stationery supplies. They're perfect for sending out letters to loved ones or for invitations to formal gatherings. These designs aren't just for paper or clothing either. If you really want to spruce up yo…Read More

  4. How To Make Your Own Wedding Favors

    Everybody knows that a wedding is a costly event to organize. Gone are the days where the parents of the bride paid for the day in full. Now it is common for those actually getting married to contribute to the costs, and many people feel that they do not wish to begin their married lives in debt, courtesy of the wedding itself. There are simple ways in which you can reduce the cost of your wedding…Read More

  5. The Dos And Don’ts of Wedding Dress Shopping

    It's one of the most important parts of your special day- your wedding dress! While it is all too easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information out there, here are a few simple dos and don'ts when going wedding dress shopping. DO - Shop early! The closer you get to your wedding day the more intense (not to mention less fun) your dress hunt will become. Get your wedding dress early so you …Read More

  6. How To Interview A Wedding Photographer

    The photographer is going to be your employee in many ways, so you will need to be absolutely sure that this is a person that you can trust with your wedding pictures. Treat him or her like a job applicant and see how you interact with each other. Making a List You can find a list of wedding photographers in your local phone book, but it's much easier to get onto a wedding website and see who loca…Read More

  7. How To Plan A Beach Wedding

    A beach wedding is a romantic's dream. The sand, water and sunshine make it such a peaceful location for a wedding. With any outdoor wedding there comes many considerations. A beach wedding also brings extra concerns because of the sand and water. The following gives considerations that any couple should make when planning a beach wedding to make sure that everything goes off smoothly. Weather Thi…Read More

  8. Why a Crystal Ballroom in Tampa Bay Is Perfect for Dancing

    The idea of a ballroom with a crystal chandelier, ceiling draping and hardwood floors might seem old-fashioned. After all, couples aren’t going to be waltzing around the floor and wearing floor-length gowns and tuxedos (although some might choose to do so). Many of them are going to wear short dresses, high heels and regular suits instead of tuxes. After all, this is the 21st century. And most l…Read More

  9. Party Halls in Orlando, Florida: 5 Tips on Throwing a Great Party!

    Once you have officially rented the party hall, then you can start planning the party. Everyone loves a great party. Below we discuss five tips on throwing a great party. 1. The best: make sure that when you are putting your guest list together, that you are only inviting the people who you truly want there. Inviting the right people will make the party. 2. The date: choose the right date in o…Read More

  10. Getting Married At Crystal Ballroom: Why Should You Choose An All-Inclusive Venue?

    Are you doing everything you can to make your wedding process as easy as it can be? Are you looking for a person or team of people who can help you plan your wedding from beginning to end? Have you ever considered an all-inclusive wedding venue? Hiring a wedding planner from a different company to help you plan a wedding may seem like a good idea in the beginning, but what if the venue you want t…Read More

  11. Crystal Ballroom All Inclusive Design and Decor of Your Special Event

      The Crystal Ballroom features 6 locations in Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Metro West, Daytona Beach, Metro West, and Orlando. Our premiere venues help you to host and create the evening of your dreams. Create picturesque memories with our professional services. The Crystal Ballroom features the best that party planning can give you. We offer in-house designs that completely decorates for…Read More

  12. Crystal Ballroom Parties: Celebrate the Important Moments

    Life can get hectic, consuming your time and filling it with work, errands, and obligations. When an important day comes around, you deserve to make the most of it. Celebrate the big moments in your life. Take the time to make them truly special. You deserve to celebrate your achievements, your life, and your love. At Crystal Ballroom, we make it easy to put together a fantastic party that both yo…Read More

  13. Highlight of Crystal Ballroom’s Sunset Harbor Location

    Crystal Ballroom has often been considered a hidden gem of Orlando when it comes to a luxurious yet affordable place to host an event. We have five amazing locations but this blog post highlights Crystal Ballroom at Sunset Harbor, located at Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach is a picturesque location—with warm waters, great night-life, and the perfect place for a getaway. Our Sunset Harbor location o…Read More

  14. Have Your Destination Wedding at Crystal Ballroom, Daytona Beach

    When it comes to planning a wedding, it's easy to get caught up in the details and forget what you are really celebrating. Sometimes, it can be easier to leave all the details behind and have a destination wedding. Destination weddings are generally more simple because it is a smaller crowd you are planning for and it is common to have a destination wedding at a venue that is going to be able to c…Read More

  15. Ditch the Wedding Planner, Use a Crystal Ballroom Wedding Coordinator

    With all the step-by-step wedding planning guides available online, the act of hiring a professional wedding planner would be quickly going the way of VHS tapes, were it not for one small problem: the bride can't do everything on her wedding day. Yes, she can book a caterer, reserve a venue, plan her honeymoon, and more, all by using the cell phone in her pocket. With all the apps and wedding webs…Read More

  16. Avoid the Orlando Traffic with an Event at the Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry

    If a big city setting isn't quite your style, but you are still interested in a destination wedding or special celebration in Central Florida, perhaps our Crystal Ballroom in Casselberry would be ideal. The city of Casselberry is located in Seminole County, which is slightly northeast of the greater Orlando area. With Casselberry just over the county line, and about ten miles north of downtown Orl…Read More

  17. Celebrate Your Aniversary at an Orlando Party Hall

    Whether you have been married for ten years, or fifty, renting an Orlando party hall is a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Many people choose to celebrate this occasion at their home. There are many benefits to celebrating at a hall instead of using your home. Benefits of Renting a Hall 1. Clean up: when renting a hall, you have access to staff to assist you with clean up. At home yo…Read More