1. Choosing a Ballroom Dance for Your Wedding

    Weddings are a special time for everyone. It's a time of new beginnings for the happy couple and friends and families become witnesses to the exceptional event. With so many details that go into planning a wedding, often choosing a dance for the reception isn't a priority; rather, a lot of time goes into choosing which song the bride and groom will dance to. Selecting a song to dance to is typical…Read More

  2. Crystal Ballroom Adds Stunning Beach Front Fort Lauderdale Location

    A Beach Wedding Venue in Fort Lauderdale If you've ever been to an event at any of our Crystal Ballroom locations, you have seen first hand our elegant extravagance and stunning venues. While we have proudly served customers at our five locations throughout Central Florida for many years, we are proud to announce our new Fort Lauderdale location. This beautiful venue is right on the beach, so you …Read More

  3. Banquet Halls in Orlando Florida for a Low Key Wedding

    If you're dreaming of a low key wedding, the best venue for you may be banquet halls in Orlando Florida. You can have it all when you enjoy a beautiful and memorable wedding with a minimum of stress and a fabulous Florida destination. What makes a wedding low key? Obviously, the term can have very different meanings for different couples, but these are a few things to keep in mind: Turn off the ph…Read More

  4. Decorating a Banquet Hall on a Budget

    Brides want the reception site to look pretty, but all the things to achieve the perfect look cost money. Flowers, rentals, centerpieces, and backdrops can be expensive, as is the decorator arranging it all. There is a way to have lovely decorations and stay within your budget. Let your imagination and the tips below make your reception a beautiful and alluring event, without breaking the bank. U…Read More

  5. Visualize and Let Go: Plan the Perfect Wedding at a Banquet Hall in Orlando

    Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and energy. And as with any other job, you're going to feel disheartened from time to time. You're going to feel like things aren't going the way you want them to go. You're going to want to give up. You may even think about eloping! But you've already put so much time and effort into organizing the perfect wedding that it doesn't make sense to abandon everyt…Read More

  6. Crystal Ballroom Events: Why Floor Plans Matter

    What makes a floor plan so important? Unlike the food and the band, your guests probably won't even be aware of how the room is arranged for your wedding, business meeting or another special event. However, the layout will have a big effect on their experience, and your ability to accomplish everything you want for your big occasion. Your guests will feel comfortable. When a layout isn't well desi…Read More

  7. Hall Rentals in Orlando Florida: Wedding vs. Work Events

    There are many reasons why you might want to rent a hall in Orlando Florida. Often, people rent halls for weddings or anniversary celebrations. You might rent a hall to throw a large party for your daughter's sweet 16 birthday or quinceanera. You might rent a hall for a conference or a workshop too. A hall is an appropriate place for any of these events. Decorating a Hall for Weddings vs. Workshop…Read More

  8. Get the Hall You Really Want for Your Wedding in Orlando Florida

    You might think that hall rental is a relatively simple process. You just go check out the hall, make sure that it suits your requirements and put a down payment for a certain date. However, as many brides find out at the last minute, hall rental is not that simple. Often, they can't get the date that they want. In order to do this, they may have to book many months in advance. Or if they get the …Read More

  9. 3 Tips to Have Fun While Planning Your Wedding at a Banquet Hall in Orlando Florida

    When you're planning your wedding at a banquet hall in Orlando Florida, there are many things to think about—the décor, the wedding gown, the theme of the wedding, what you're going to serve to eat and drink, the flower arrangements etc. While planning all this, it's easy to forget to have fun. However, this is supposed to be a joyous occasion. So there's no point getting stressed out while try…Read More

  10. What to Look for in an Orlando Banquet Hall

    Hosting a wedding, corporate event, or other large gathering and party can be a great way to celebrate a momentous occasion. When you are looking to plan an event in the Orlando area, choosing to book it at a banquet hall can be a great option. When you are looking for a new banquet hall to book your event, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.   Service Providers Whe…Read More

  11. Banquet Halls in Orlando Where You Can Avoid Unexpected Wedding Expenses

    Your wedding should be filled with happy surprises, but the sad truth is that many couples get an unpleasant shock when they find out that their actual expenses were higher than they expected. When you book one of our Crystal Palace banquet halls in the Orlando area, we'll make sure you're amazed in nothing but a good way. That's because we provide one stop shopping and affordable wedding packages…Read More

  12. Why You Should Rent a Hall for Your Next Event

    Hosting an event to commemorate an achievement or special occasion can be a great way to bring people together. While you will have many different options for hosting an event, booking it at a banquet hall could be a great option. For those that are in the Orlando area, there are many advantages that come with booking an event at a banquet hall. Comfortable Environment One advantage of booking you…Read More

  13. The Best Banquet Halls in Orlando

    Throughout our lives, from childhood into seniority, we all have special events and momentous occasions to celebrate. Whether it's your child's birthday party and you want to celebrate in style, a graduation party or quinceanera that shows your pride towards your son or daughter, a wedding with that special someone, or even a retirement party, there are occasions for every stage of life. At The C…Read More

  14. 10 Items to Check off Your List when Planning a Wedding at a Hall in Orlando Florida

    There are so many things to think about when you're planning a wedding. So if you're not super-organized, then you might forget to check off a few things. In order to make your job easier, here is a checklist of things that you know you have to get to at some point or the other, before the wedding. Most of these things are self-evident but you'll feel a little bit better when you're able to check …Read More

  15. Long-Distance Parents Will Love a Banquet Hall Wedding in Orlando Fl

    Planning a wedding can be even more challenging when your mother and father live far away. However, when you choose a destination like banquet halls in sunny Orlando, you and your long-distance parents will find that those extra miles can be an advantage instead of a hardship. Come for a visit! Of course, modern technology makes it easy to stay in touch online, but there's no substitute for gettin…Read More

  16. The Best Banquet Halls Around Orlando

    If you are looking for a banquet hall, you are probably looking to celebrate something significant—whether that is a wedding, quinceanera, award ceremony, anniversary, or another celebration-worthy event. Celebrating life's important milestones with the people you love is so important. And what better way to do it than at a venue where all of the details are taken care of and the surroundings ar…Read More

  17. Choosing Wedding Colors for Your Orlando Banquet Hall Wedding

    Color plays a big part in all our experiences so you want to pick wedding colors that you're sure to love. Starting out with a combination of your favorite shades is usually a good first step, and here are a few more tips for choosing your palette. Visit your venue: Wedding planning will be a lot easier if you avoid unwelcome surprises like finding out that your colors clash with the venue you wa…Read More

  18. How to Choose a Banquet Hall in Orlando, FL

    There are so many banquet halls in the great city of Orlando, Florida. How would you ever choose just one? But you have to choose one. After all, your guests would think you were crazy to host your celebration at multiple locations. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we take your event very seriously, and we will do everything we can to make it absolutely perfect. We are your one-stop-shop event center…Read More

  19. 5 Tips to Find the Best Hall Rentals in Orlando Florida

    When you’re renting a hall in Orlando Florida, you need to make sure that it suits all your needs. Whether you need a hall for a wedding, a sweet 16 birthday party or some other special occasion such as a 25th wedding anniversary, you have to make sure that the hall has all the qualities you’re looking for. Here are a few things you might want to consider: Size Halls come in various shapes and…Read More

  20. Why You Should Have a Sweet 16 Ballroom Birthday Party

    Oh, you are having a birthday! And it's a big one. No one will be pinching your cheeks anymore. Instead, they'll be encouraging you and speaking beauty. The sixteenth year is one of wonder. Where you're still very young, but your eyes are starting to gain wisdom. You will be at home for a couple more years, then off to college and off to see the future. The world isn't just at your fingertips, and…Read More

  21. Ballroom Decoration Ideas to Make an Impression

    No matter what event you are planning, we know you want to make an impression. After all, what is the point of having a grand event and then taking short cuts to feed and decorate? At Crystal Ballroom, we believe events are more than just for fun. They are celebrations of momentous occasions. Whether a milestone birthday, a wedding, anniversary, or corporate event, we know that you value the time …Read More

  22. #1 Best of the Party Halls in Orlando FL

    When planning a party in the Orlando, FL area, it's easy to find a ton of options. There are countless locations and venues throughout the area that will take your hard-earned money for renting their venue. But do you want just any fire hall or banquet space for your very special event, or something marvelous? Of course you want something fabulous! If you're looking to throw an epic party, whether…Read More

  23. Quinceanera Places for Your Surprise Dance

    If you're planning a Quinceanera, you've probably noticed that the surprise dance is becoming almost as common as the traditional waltz. It's one more thing to think about when you're selecting Quinceanera places. You need a venue that can help you to make the entertainment portion of your celebration live up to your dreams. That's just what the Crystal Ballroom can deliver. In addition to ou…Read More

  24. The Crystal Ballroom Can Help People Bring Their Unique Visions to Life

    When people hire the services of the Crystal Ballroom, they will usually do so with certain events in mind. This is where people will go when someone is getting married, turning fifteen or sixteen, or otherwise changing in some important way. However, there are no strict limits on which events are allowed there. Many people specifically try to do something different with regards to celebrations.…Read More

  25. Choosing a Banquet Hall in Orlando

      When you're looking for a banquet hall, you're not just looking for a room. You're looking for ambiance. You're looking for excitement. You're looking for memories. Whatever the occasion, we know you're celebrating life. That's why we've made it our business to make your life easier. We have several event packages that vary in event size and time, and all of them come with our event experts who…Read More